$45 Rent
$149 Purchase
$89.99 Sale!

Our quality kilts are made of:

  • 6 to 8 yards of 16oz acrylic wool
  • Deep pleats
  • Pleated to stripe or sett 
  • Three belt loops
  • Three genuine sturdy leather straps
  • Heavy-duty, pewter buckles
  • Hand-stitched, cotton, full inner sweat panel NEW
  • Invisible, hand-stitched front facing NEW
  • 2-3" hem for weighted movement, cleaner edges and future alterations

Why buy from us?

We have the best quality for the price. Our kilts are made with acrylic wool rather than sheep’s wool for its many benefits. While still keeping the quality 16oz fabric, our acrylic wool stays cooler compared to a sheep wool kilt. Acrylic wool has also proven to be more durable, affordable, and long-lasting than sheep wool. Acrylic wool will pass through the years without any damage due to moths. Cheaper 13oz kilts sold on the market will start to fuzz and show signs of deterioration after the first few times they are worn, whereas our reinforced 16oz fabric is much less susceptible to such simple wear-and-tear.

On the inside, each of our kilts have a true hand-stitched, non-dyed muslin interior sweat panel with high quality interfacing to keep you even cooler. Although dyed linings may match the kilt, those dyes can bleed and stain your shirt. Avoid the inconvenience and extra cost of trashing a stained shirt by buying a high quality kilt from Atlanta Kilts.

On the outside, our kilts have invisible front facing stitching. The sparkling die-cast metal buckles on our kilts are much sturdier than the flimsy stamped metal buckles of other kilt sellers. Unlike other kilt makers, we don’t cut corners by using lower-quality imitation leather; nor do we skimp on our strap thickness. We ensure that all of our straps are one-eighth of an inch thick and made out of 100% genuine leather.

You will not find a better quality for the price we offer. Since this is a lifelong investment, make it last a lifetime and go with affordable quality.

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